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- We only do FULL 4x6 prints, no tiny strips! Bigger is better.

- Everyone is able to retake EACH picture. So they have pictures they actually like and not bad ones.

- Our Mirror Booth is fully staffed the entire event.

- We provide fun, event fitting, posh & chic, colorful props.

- We custom create a photo layout to match your event & colors


- You receive a USB drive (or downloadable link) of all pictures.

- Everyone is able to text message their final photo to themselves.

Why our Mirror Booth and not the normal photo booth?

Chances are you want something fresh, new, and a form of entertainment that you and your guests will leave saying "that's awesome."

Well... our Mirror Booth is your answer.

Why our Mirror Booth and not other "mirror booths?"

Wisconsin Mirror Booth only owns the best Mirror Booths on the market, not the cheaper knock-off, smaller, versions.

We also have 5+ Mirror Booths, while most other companies have 1.

What would happen if their 1 mirror booth becomes faulty?

What sets you apart?

We always setup before guest arrival, create a custom layout to match your event, offer a variety of backdrops, you are also able to text message our pictures.

Why don't you allow guests to post to social media platforms:

Super simple, it slows down the line drastically.  Most people can punch in a phone number on a touch pad super quick. Do you really want to put your sensitive login info on a 3rd party computer (regardless if they say its safe), probably not.

Why don't you offer a photo album for guests to sign?

This also slows down the line. We found that since guests sign their message on the touchscreen, which gets saved digitally, that most clients opt to have more pictures taken.  You will receive a USB drive with all the picture & messages on the week after your event.

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